Why do you need an efficient lead management process?

The most significant factor that thrives a business is leads that eventually convert. So getting your lead management process right only adds value to..

Multitasking Vs Productivity

People who often multitask at work end up killing their productivity. Researchers claim multitasking is surprisingly a myth and can be destructive esp..

Boost your sales team like a pro – TIPS

Be transparent to build trust It is well known that the foundation of building trust is to be transparent, and as a team leader you need to earn the t..

How does the right CRM assist in lead nurturing

In our last blog, we discussed about the importance of lead nurturing and how it directly affects business. In this blog we plan to throw some light o..

Lead nurturing and CRM

What is the most challenging task of a B2B business? Nurturing leads! This is the most essential task of a business which if taken care of well, direc..

Sales representatives quit using CRMs? – Understand why

Every Customer Relationship Management System portrays a success story, but might completely be a disaster on the inside which is never showcased. It ..

Do small businesses need CRM? – Inside story, benefits, cloud solution

CRM or otherwise known as Customer relationship management has significantly found its way in today’s business world. There are a lot of options to ..

ENTERPRISE EDITION: Custom CRM/ERP platform benefits

Ready-to use CRM/ERP platforms have been running for long worldwide as most of the time business organisation assume that these softwares are cheaper ..

Automate billing processes with Centre360 – CRM, ERP, Business Solution

Billing processes and asset calculations in every organisation is mundane, repetitive and time consuming, specially for those organisations who mainta..

Central booking database – Advantages

Customer management systems or as popularly known as CRM (customer relationship management system) forms an integral part in any or rather every busin..

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