Do small businesses need CRM? – Inside story, benefits, cloud solution

CRM or otherwise known as Customer relationship management has significantly found its way in today’s business world. There are a lot of options to choose from and every CRM seems to have versatile features that attract your business. However, do we really know what suits our business type or are we just falling for the attractive features shown upfront?

Every CRM is backed up with a model that suits a certain business crowd. To opt for the best CRM edition it is necessary to know what your objectives are and how many teammates constitute your business.

A CRM solution is essential whether you have a team of 10 or 100, as a CRM assists in better productivity and streamlines your work process thus helping you achieve your agenda faster, create a better customer/client base and scale quicker.

Bigger businesses as we all know have the capital to invest in a tool to control their business, however smaller businesses find it very difficult to set aside a capital for a CRM solution and are very concerned with investments they make with regard to a CRM system.

The first question small businesses are confused about is “ Do we really need a CRM solution and increase our expense?”, as mentioned earlier whether you are a team of 10, 100 or 1000 a CRM solution is equally beneficial. For that matter, incorporating a cloud solution in the early stages of your business with a smaller team in place is easier. However, it is important to take note of the solution you would like to invest in. Smaller businesses should invest in a CRM solution that is flexible and can easily scale when your operations grow, apart from it being affordable which is understood. It should help them with their current scenarios, fall in place with their business propositions, access from anywhere, easy to use, deploy and maintain.


We bring to you one such solution which is a cloud platform and can easily suit small businesses. Centre 360 is a cloud based CRM for small businesses. Why do we think Centre360 can be all you need for your business type is because we understand that small business do not have its own servers, hardware or IT personnels, adding on to this small business owners do not have a 9 to 5 work profile, they have their own tailored sales processes which means a modern technology that easily integrates with their needs without breaking their budgets is what would prove to be ideal.

Here are a few reasons why small business owners should consider opting for our cloud CRM Centre360:

  1. It is affordable – we have different editions where you can choose from, looking for something customized, we have the backup for the same.
  2. Easy to use – making a dashboard that is easy to access in just one click is what our objective is as we value your time.
  3. Ensured security levels – Cloud servers provide much higher security and also offer automatic backup policies with clear strategies for data recovery.
  4. Access from anywhere – the greatest benefit of a cloud CRM is that you can access it from anywhere at anytime.
  5. It is flexible – as a cloud platform can easily adapt to your current business needs, you can add on new features as you grow and still be able to use it seamlessly.
  6. Compatible – It can be easily integrated with your current systems which means that you do not have to compromise for the system to fit you.

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