Sales representatives quit using CRMs? – Understand why

Every Customer Relationship Management System portrays a success story, but might completely be a disaster on the inside which is never showcased. It is quite difficult to judge a CRM as marketers these days use multiple brand positioning tactics to show that their respective CRMs is the best you could get. However, when you eventually adopt their CRM into your system you fail to generate any return on investment on the same, which in turn fuels up anxiety. Lesser user adoption, complex user-interface and inability to access from any location are some of the often quoted problems.

According to MHI Global, only a third of CRM projects are adopted by 90% or more of their sales teams. The remaining are in a constant uphill struggle that often leads to sales executives going back to using age-old methods i.e. maintaining data and communications on spreadsheets, emails, notepads etc.


Wondering what’s causing sales representatives to switch to older techniques? Here are three such critical problems:-

Complicated Software-

CRMs are usually thought of as a complicated software at least by those who aren’t computer people. Most of the sales representatives come from different backgrounds and need not necessarily be computer geeks. Thus, pushing them to use a complex CRM system will forever remain a challenge that results only in failure. First-timers find CRM systems really confusing hence only 13% of sales representatives use cent percent capabilities of their sales tools, according to Accenture. What’s more? Organizations burn capital monthly to customize and load their CRM with more filters and features to capture their target market but fail to understand that majority of their sales representatives barely know how to do basic tasks on CRM.

The most successful CRMs are those that are easy to learn and quick to grasp. CRMs that have a long learning process usually ends up in lower utilization by the sales team. Centre-360 is the best solution you can opt for, as it eliminates all the difficult jargons and makes the workflow seem much easier to adapt.

CRM adds value to a business- lack of understanding

One of the critical problem cited is that sales representatives do not understand the value a CRM adds to the business. They feel CRM is just another complex management software that keeps a close watch on each representative, theorganizationey accumulate for the organisation for which they never get appreciated and most of all they feel their hard work might just be stolen by the organisation. According to ESNA, This has often resulted in a crazy 79% of opportunity-related data gathered by sales reps never being entered in their CRMs. No one in an organisation really takes some time out, to sit and explain why the organisation has a CRM in place, what does it do, how will it benefit the sales team, and how everything will be in place without chaos. CRM is definitely much more than just another over-hyped management monitoring software that is mandatory to use. It is important to impart knowledge and also include the sales team in the discussion before purchasing and implementing a CRM. As by doing so, you can understand what your team lacks, how are they inefficient, what are their strengths etc. When sales executives have a say in the matter, they are much likely to be willing to work harder and learn the CRM process.

Inability to access CRM from anywhere

Not being able to access the CRM from multiple locations is definitely a turn off for the sales team as sales mostly includes field work, which often results in sales representatives taking down notes in bits and pieces. Being mobile is non-negotiable, sales executives while on field duty can easily look up client contacts and stay notified about follow-ups if the CRM is a cloud platform. Centre 360 is one such cloud computing platform that has an easy to use business module backed up with easy cloud storage and access. CRM systems that only work while at work will result in drop in sales and under utilization of sales tools.

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