Boost your sales team like a pro – TIPS

  1. Be transparent to build trust

    It is well known that the foundation of building trust is to be transparent, and as a team leader you need to earn the trust of your fellow sales executives. Why is it important to build a trustful foundation? Simply because, this makes your sales executives feel motivated and comfortable to share their problems and challenges with you. It is important to pay constant attention to their concerns and provide time to time solutions for the same.

  2. Keep realistic goals

    As a team lead, quite often you tend to put the team up against unrealistic goals resulting in immense pressure. In turn, your sales executives underperform as they find the pressure too demanding. What does this ultimately lead to? Zero conversion cycle. According to the Harvard Business Review “When 10%–20% of salespeople miss goals, the problem might be the salespeople. But when most salespeople miss, the problem is their goals.” Legit isn’t it?

    Firstly, build a standard business plan that covers the following:

    • a. Know the company’s goals.
    • b. Analyse the strengths of each sales associate
    • c. What is your product reach in the market
    • d. What are the goals you want to achieve.

    Once you have answers for all this in place, your goals will automatically look and feel achievable and realistic.

  3. Power up your sales teams

    Most of the daily tasks of a sales team can be automated, so why let your sales executives do these tasks manually? Give them the power of automation by opting for a tool, essentially a cloud based CRM that automates daily tasks. Let your sales executives focus on things that are more sensible and close conversion twice as fast. According to the Nucleus Research – “The average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent. Sales reps saw their productivity increased by 26.4% when adding social networking and mobile access to CRM applications.”

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  5. Rewards & Incentives

    When there is a reward to be won on completing a difficult task you automatically put in all your effort and do your best. That’s the tactic you need to apply within your sales team. Give rewards or incentives for those who do a great job and complete their target well before time. This keeps them motivated and boosted to do their extra bit every time.

  6. Meetups

    Take some time out to conduct a meet up of all your sales teams across different branches and get them to talk about their achievements challenges, market growth, market strategies etc.Exchange of such information can prove to be beneficial in the long run.

  7. Keep providing positive feedback

    This is the most important tip that instantly boosts your sales team. Keep providing positive feedback, never stop congratulating them or complimenting them when they do their job well. You’d be surprised to see that this instantly adds on to better results and great productivity. Do not assume that your teammates already know their value as sometimes it is important to put it out there and make them feel valued. Employee morales can be easily killed when they are not appreciated for the hard work they do. So go ahead and keep appreciating them for all the hard work they do, the result will be impressive!

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